See you in October!

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While some were getting tanned somewhere fancy in July or August, I’m going to do just that now and try to catch up in the tan contest. The blog and social pages will also be off for the holidays but nothing else. I actually will be able to answer comments or questions on Facebook and Twitter but maybe give me time to get back from a bike ride, a book read on the beach or a nap 😀

  • You can always discover our services in our website
  • Get answers to your questions on our Help Center
  • And contact our Care Team with any issue, question, complaint or concern by email

Streetlib squareYou’ll also be able to catch up with recent news such as our new partners: BajaLibros, the number one online bookstore in South America and OverDrive offering your eBooks to 33.000 libraries. You could also want to know more about StreetLib’s philosophy or learn that self promotion is no four-letter word.

In the meantime, believe me when I say StreetLib won’t be idle! My colleagues are back and rested from their holidays and working more than ever to bring you not only new opportunities and great features but also a beautiful new website to better see what is inside the Swiss Knife. Anyway, I’ll leave you to it and see you in two weeks!

About Anne-Catherine de Fombelle

I write, scribble, rhyme sometimes and tell stories. Here and there you will find me, publishing blog posts and always happy to converse and answer the needs of Narcissus' community.
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