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24 Symbols: good news from March!

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When I said before that we were in a chain of good news, I didn’t think one week was going to be about a great news from six months ago… We actually forgot to share a great partnership that has been going on since March with the streaming service 24 symbols.24symbols-logo1 The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the presence of the Spanish Streaming service in their list of stores. After the months needed to set everything up and make little tweaks here and there, you will also see 24 symbol reads in your reports starting next quarter (in October).  

24 symbols is a cloud-based reading platform (no downloads) working with a subscription model. Premium users are able to read every book of the catalog, this mean yours! It’s also a social reading experience where users can exchange their opinions in notes, highlight parts of a book and share their favorite reads.

100%worldwideWorking with a wholesale model and the same paying model Bookmate (another one of our partners) has, StreetLib will receive 50% of the book price as soon as a user reads 10% of it. We retain the usual 10% so that you get 40% of the book price in royalties for this streaming platform.

This partner is one more brick in the worldwide distribution wall we’re building for you. We’re working everyday to expand your visibility and thus your reading audience. Of course, if you have a reason to refuse to get your books into 24 symbol premium catalog, you always can uncheck the box for this store on your Streetlib account page.

Sorry we didn’t share this with you sooner! I hope you’ll enjoy the “news” :)

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