Children are always right

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You may already have seen them (I shared them before and some have been around for a while) but these three videos of children are a perfect #FeelGoodFriday opportunity. They are all about books and all, in their own way, show how great are books; Enjoy!

  • The saddest bookworm

It’s a great illustration of my feelings when I finish a book… And you? Sharing the sadness?

  • Kids tell us: “Why I read”

For the main part, that’s just plain good sense. My favorite part is “(…) but I eat a lot of carrots so.. that’s my justification” (for reading in the car even though it might be bad for your eyes)

  • Madison loves books

Well, ok, this one I shared so much it might start to get annoying, sorry. I just love how theatrical she gets about books and I’m sure this comes from her reading millions and millions of books :)

  • Bonus

Well, hum, no comments. #BookFever

That’s it for the day! Have an amazing weekend!

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I write, scribble, rhyme sometimes and tell stories. Here and there you will find me, publishing blog posts and always happy to converse and answer the needs of Narcissus' community.
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