Translation: now is the time

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Translating a book may seem difficult especially as a self publisher. Ok, you can find a professional to translate it but you won’t be able to check if it’s any good or promote the book in this language! Unless you are really fluent in this specific language. (In this case, please run and translate it! yourself if you prefer!) Why is today the moment to start translating your book, then?

It’s never been easier to reach the world

Only the language can stop your book from getting to every reader you can get. Worldwide distribution is getting easier everyday. I don’t mean to pry but we announced two major worldwide distribution partners (OverDrive and BajaLibros) in the last two weeks, and we aren’t even done!

people from the world


Translators are easy to reach, compare and trust

star_reviewSomething the Internet brought to the world is peer-to-peer services with trust: thanks to notes and comments provided by other users, you can now find trustworthy people to work with, travel with, do your laundry with or even have dinner with. Before you had to know someone who could recommend a professional, now the crowd is talking. Of course you need to be smart about it and make sure everything is legit. It most cases, you’ll find it is.

It’s always a good time to invest in visibility

Get Noticed

Get Noticed

Increasing your readership is probably your main goal. I mean if you want to be read of course. Readership comes with visibility. If more people can read your book’s title in their own language: that’s increased visibility. By the way, before you start looking for a translator, maybe think about the right language to translate your book into. You may choose a language lots of people are speaking: Spanish, English, Chinese, etc. or maybe your book is actually more suited for French, Italian or Swedish.

As usual, I warmly encourage you to work to increase and engage your reading audience but don’t rush into it eyes wide shut. Go for it smartly and only great result should follow.

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I write, scribble, rhyme sometimes and tell stories. Here and there you will find me, publishing blog posts and always happy to converse and answer the needs of Narcissus' community.
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